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On Friday, July 7th, we were honored to partner with our friend Vanessa Hunter in a blood drive to honor her husband, Brad Hunter. Brad is a police officer in California who has served for 29 years. Several weeks ago he was intentionally hit by a car. Vanessa has worked for two of our clients and over the years we have gotten to know her well. She was devastated by the evil of this act, but decided that she wanted to make something good happen. She and many of her friends worked hard to create a blood drive in California. As word got out, the drive became an international event that we were able to play a little part in.

In our business, we have the opportunity to meet with dream-makers everyday. We are able to partner with them and help their dreams come true. The challenge comes in oversight. If we are not paying attention, we can miss out on the opportunities right in front of us. Take the time to listen today. Whatever field you are in, you have opportunities to make a difference. What would happen if each of us looked for the opportunities to change lives? Perhaps, the person who did this terrible thing to Brad would have been different. Perhaps his life would have been changed.

Brad Hunter visits Blood Drive (News story from California)


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