163745682Within the MLM and Party Plan business, your software plays an integral part.  It keeps track of almost everything you need to do.  It keeps track of your product, your individual business owners, your commissions and your reports plus a lot more.  With so much of your business tied to your software, it is understandable why you can get frustrated.  Here are some tips that can help your business and relationship grow.

  1. Treat your software vendor like an extension of your business, not a necessary evil
  2. Embrace us as Subject Matter Experts.  If we tell you something you are doing goes against conventional wisdom, understand we have seen a lot of companies fail and succeed and we want you to be in the latter category.
  3. Be aware of terminology conflicts and technical jargon.  If your software company uses “sponsor” or “placement” or “enroller” ask what they are referring too.
  4. Know your compensation plan inside and out.  You need to communicate it well with your reps and your software company.
  5. Share your company successes with your software vendor, too often we only get failing company calls.  We want to celebrate with you!
  6. Plan, Plan, Plan!  It costs a lot to NOT plan and our industry is notorious for announcing something on stage before even telling your own staff, let alone your software provider.
  7. Don’t make assumptions.
  8. Ensure expectations are agreed to and understood
  9. During the software selection process or while doing custom programming ask tough questions.  Make sure you fully understand what you’re getting.
  10. If you are buying off the shelf software understand that no package does EVERYTHING you think should be a part of the system
  11. Understand we are on your team.  If you succeed, we succeed.
  12. Time=Money
  13. If your business is going down the tubes, don’t blame the software.
  14. Know what you want before you call.  If you are unsure of what you want, state that upfront so that we can plan our schedule appropriately.
  15. Software will not run your business, you have to do that.
  16. Send gifts!  We are always excited to see and touch our client’s products. Gifts are a great motivator.
  17. Don’t call everything a bug.
  18. Don’t let your internal software people say, “That is easy, it is only two hours.”  While that may be the expected time, sometimes one little change can be connected to a lot of moving parts.
  19. Encouragement goes a long way before you need something.
  20. Expect a timeline.  Understand it probably will not be as fast as you want.

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