Singapore Team

Singapore Team

August 17, 2013 was a special day in the life of ByDesign Technologies.  It was our first Worldwide Hunger Hackathon.  What is a Hackathon you ask?  A Hackathon is a time when software developers, project managers and designers collaborate to solve a unique software problem.  The problem we focused on this day was hunger.   All three of our office locations participated to help end hunger in their local communities.  Though it was not intended, our teams were able to actually follow the lifecycle of food as it travels from an individual donation, to sorting and then preparation and service. Using our “follow the sun” customer support theology, ByDesign Singapore started us out.

ByDesign Singapore began the event with a food drive to support The Food Bank Singapore.  The Food Bank in Singapore was established on January 2012 by siblings Nichol and Nicholas Ng after realizing the need for an organization that can help arrange and distribute food for people in need. The organization accepts food donations and volunteer work. ByDesign Singapore Office started bringing items to the office and came down to the Food Bank. They donated cans of sardines, tuna, soup, luncheon meat, cup noodles, fruit juices, coffee, etc. They were able to meet Food Bank founder Nichol Ng on their visit. The Food Bank delivers the goods to their partner organization that prepares the food and brings it to beneficiaries such as disabled, children, elderly and abused maids.

Tampa Team

Some of our Tampa Team

ByDesign Tampa then picked up and sorted canned foods at Feeding America Tampa Bay. Feeding America is the largest domestic hunger relief organization in the country. They consist of over 200 food banks.  They work with partners like grocery stores who donate large amounts of food.  Volunteers are used to sort and package the food for distribution.  Partner food banks are able to come and shop for their food bank needs.  Feeding America Tampa Bay serves individuals across 10 counties in West Central Florida.    Across the country one in six people struggles with hunger. Of the 50 million people who are unsure where their next meal will come from, Feeding America Tampa Bay provides food to over 400,000 people in West Central Florida.

In the short time the ByDesign Tampa team worked, they were able to sort enough food for 6,700 meals!

Some of our Utah team serving food

Some of our Utah team serving food

Lastly, but certainly not least our ByDesign Utah team ended our Hackathon by preparing and serving meals at The Food and Care Coalition.  The mission of the Food & Care Coalition is to alleviate hunger and diminish the plights of poverty for those who go there.  Their primary objectives include finding suitable housing, teaching financial accountability, facilitating an elevation in personal morals and values, and helping each person achieve their full potential.  The ByDesign Utah team cooked and served 67 meals to those who were hungry!

It is a special feeling to know that can have an impact in your local community.  It is even more special when you realize that you are a part of something bigger than yourself.  Our ByDesign teams were able to help people worldwide by each doing our part in our local communities.  We encourage other companies to consider how they can make a difference.   It only takes a few phone calls and action.  Make a difference today.

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backtoschoolIt is nearing the end of summer here in the US and for the direct selling industry that is an exciting time.  Summer is typically a very low season, especially for small companies.  The Direct Selling Association reports that approximately 86% of the workforce is women.  Some are full-time and some are part-time, but throw in summer, with kids and grandkids out of school and a good amount of that workforce takes off.  This is the challenge of having a company with a flexible workforce.  One of the benefits of being involved in direct selling is that you can choose your schedule.  It just so happens that most choose to downgrade their work time in summer, or just take it off completely.

Many direct selling companies are working hard to encourage their members to stay engaged during the summer.  They have conventions or offer special deals.  These special events keep the interest going and gives the representative the motivation they need to continue meeting and selling throughout the summer.

Many representatives don’t realize that though summer can be more challenging because of vacations,it is a great time to share your business.  People have a little more time in the summer and if you can incorporate the kids, they are all in.  Hire a neighborhood teenager to watch the kids, while you demonstrate your product.  There are many ways to get around the summer down time!  Social selling is about being social.  There is no better time to be social than summer!

As we move into the new school year, direct selling companies rejoice with parents!  We all love having the summer off, but we look forward to the regular schedule. Direct selling companies will focus on rolling out their fall catalogs and new lines and representatives are looking forward to the new products.  School time is exciting!  As a software vendor for the industry, ByDesign is looking forward to school time as well.  We get an influx of new projects and ideas.  We love looking at the new and creative products our clients have come out with.  It’s time for school!  Are you ready?!?