stockmarket2A few months back I posted about the financial dispute that was occuring at MLM Herbalife.  Several different investors got involved, some calling shorts, some opposing that view and it created quite the media circus.  Lately, it seems the media has died down and I wondered, how did it end?  I found a good article that summarized the ending.  It was posted on cnbc and was written by The New York Times writer, Steven Davidoff.

Here is a link. Herbalife Short Wars

Enjoy the update.  I did.

200171399-001As April 15th draws near we all get prepared for tax season.  If you are an MLM, PartyPlan or Direct Seller, you should know that you might qualify for a tax deduction.  For the millions of taxpayers who work at home, the IRS has simplified the Home Office Deduction.

If you use a part of your home for business, you may qualify to deduct expenses for the business use of your home.  The IRS states that there are 6 ways to determine if you qualify.  Take the time to review what they have to say here:

If you believe you qualify, the IRS has simplified the Home Office Deduction starting this year.  Home businesses can deduct up to $1500, based on $5 a square foot up to 300 square feet.

Take the time to check it out and discuss it with your accountant!  It might be worth some good money to you and it might save you a lot of time.  As we all know, time is money!!  Good luck!

woman leader“Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives”  –William James


Take a moment and think of the leaders you know.  Do they have bad days?  Would you know it was a bad day if they did not tell you?

Most leaders understand that thought patterns, directly correspond to how you relate to others.  I can guarantee you that leaders have trouble.  In fact, leaders typically deal with more challenges than the general public.  So, how do they smile and continue through them, while others panic and hide?  How do they lead while every little annoyance in the world is nipping at their pants leg?

They believe in themselves.  They understand the power of a team.  They know inner thought effects outer change.

One of the most powerful tools someone can have is the ability to believe in oneself.  As I type this, a caution runs across my mind, because some people believe in themselves when they should not.  Be wise, listen to those around you, if someone is telling you that you need improvement in an area, listen.  A wise leader believes in their personal strengths because they have proven to themselves and others that they can accomplish what is in front of them.  As they continue to accomplish things, their confidence grows.  They listen carefully to critiques and look for opportunity to improve.  They seek out opportunities and opinions on how they can improve.  It is a quiet confidence that leads to knowledge that they can face whatever comes their way.

Great leaders understand the power of a team.  Every challenge that you face will not be in your wheelhouse.  You may or may not have the tools you need to deal with it.  This is where a team comes in.  Great leaders have a team that they trust.  They know that they can depend on them and if something challenges them that they may not be able to handle; their team will rise up behind them and give them the extra strength needed.  They know that with their team, they will receive the wisdom, help and strength they need to conquer the task.

Great leaders know that inner thoughts effect outer change.  If a person always thinks negatively, they will live their life disappointed and disillusioned.  Leaders think about how things can improve and then they work to make it happen.  They think though the best way to approach a task or someone.  They think about the consequences of saying certain things.  They know that once the inner thought leaves, it is on a mission and whether good or bad it will play itself out.  Leaders seek to make sure that all that exits their mouths creates positive change.

So, do leaders have bad days?  You better believe it!  But believing in yourself, your team and your inner thoughts helps leaders to continue to lead even through the challenging moments.

Where are you leading today?