BestHave you ever experienced the same thing each day and then one day something happens and you see everything differently?  Perhaps you go to work every day and then one day you read a book or talk to a friend or listen to a speaker and everything changes?

I love that feeling!!!  It feels like it was bydesign.  Your eyes had been closed and now they are open.  You can see things in a new light.  You function on a different level.  It creates a need for new changes; a desire for greatness.  Below are three tips to experience that eye opening experience more often.

Be Aware

Be aware of those around you.  Everyone experiences the world differently.  Watch people. Look for non-verbal cues.  These can come in the form of facial expressions, hand movements or even shifting of the body weight when speaking of certain items.  There are plenty of resources on non-verbal cues.  Use it to your advantage!

Listen to Everyone

Listen to not only what people say, but more importantly what they don’t.  I have noticed that most people do not share their deepest thoughts without coercing. I think this is bydesign.  We need to find the magic.  The magic is in the deep thoughts.  Now don’t get me wrong…. I am not a big thinker.  I am an action orientated girl, but when people speak, I know there is always more than what they are saying verbally.  The question is; are you hearing it? Are you listening well enough to really hear what they are saying?

Look for Opportunities

Be open to learn more.  Put yourself in new and challenging environments.  They may be uncomfortable, but learning something new can make you better in all areas of your life.  If I just take one step out of my comfort circle each week, by the end of the month my circle of comfort has expanded greatly.  While I may desire to run back to the center, the things I have learned along the way enhance my ability to help, learn and serve others.  It makes me a well-rounded person and gives me confidence that even though things may be uncomfortable, I can do them.

Becoming a better person rarely happens by accident.  It requires commitment, time and some personal stretching.  Following the tips above is a great start to seeing ways to improve and learn more.  You will become better, bydesign!