Are you a High Performer?

How do you plan your day?  I have found the strongest difference between high performers and average performers lies in this question.  How do you plan your day?

High Performers know the answer, Average Performers struggle…. do you know the answer?  Whether you have a home MLM or party plan company or work in an office below are 5 characteristics that can help you figure it out.

High Performers Have a Plan

High Performers always have a plan and are looking to “double their money”.  They think through every single event and determine how many other tasks they can achieve while on their way.  If you are walking down to a meeting, can you drop off paperwork or complete another task on the way?  If you are going to complete a programming task, could you add in 5 minutes more and make it 10 times better?

High Performers know their daily schedule

High Performers know their daily schedule.  They use Outlook or another scheduling tool and they refer to it often.  They use every minute to their benefit.  This does not mean they never get to stop and smell the roses, it just means they know when they can.

High Performers don’t procrastinate

High Performers don’t procrastinate.  Alyce P Cornyn, a well-known speaker on sabotage says, “Procrastination is, hands down, our favorite form of self-sabotage.”   Everybody has things they don’t like to do.  They still have to get done.  If you are going to be a high performer, you cannot sideline the items you don’t like.  You will find that they create baggage that ultimately will grind you to a halt

High Performers are prepared for interruptions

High Performers are prepared for interruptions.  We all know that things at some point are not going to go the way they were planned.  A high performer thinks through the events and seeks to mitigate all risks knowing that there will be something they missed.  If an issue arises, they are able to deal with it because it did not take them off guard.

High Performers listen well and offer feedback

High Performers listen well and offer feedback.  They listen to what the people around them say and take it into consideration.  They offer feedback when it is appropriate for a more favorable ending.

How are you doing?  Are you high performing?  If not, try to initiate a few of these characteristics.  You will find that you are well on your way!!

Serena Ayscue is an owner of ByDesign Technologies.  A company specializing in software for the direct selling industry.

You may have heard the names of Bill Ackman, Dan Loeb or Herbalife in the news lately.  If you are familiar with direct selling you should be familiar with Herbalife.  The company has been around 30 years.

Bill Ackman manages a hedge fund that has shorted more than a billion dollars’ worth of Herbalife stock.

If you are like me, you may not be totally sure of what “shorted” means.  I looked it up and found a great explanation.  Basically, shorting means that you buy stock planning for it to fall.  If it falls, you make money.

Ackman made his billion dollar purchase, then he and his collegues presented why they think Herbalife stock will fall at an investment conference last month.  The presentation was over 300 slides and has been posted on a website that Ackman created.  Additionally, they have bought advertising on Google that shows up when people search for Herbalife.

I think it is fascinating that people are allowed to manipulate a market this way.  I don’t run in finance circles too much but I am sure my financial advisor friends could give me quite an education.

It seems to me that Ackman has made a calculated choice.  The direct selling industry constantly is fighting a black eye.  Unfortunately for Ackman, I don’t think he truly understands the industry or all of the people that work in it.  By betting against Herbalife, he is betting against an industry that has great products and has helped lots of people do a little better than they were doing before.  Jen Fong, a direct sales blogger, recently started a blog titled “ I am direct selling”.   I invite you to go and read why people join.  If you are a direct seller, add your thoughts.  The majority of people I know never joined a direct selling company to make millions.  I am direct selling.

Ackman claims that Herbalife is a pyramid.  Does Herbalife have a viable product or do people make money by just signing people up?  The answer is that they have a viable product that they have spent a lot of money developing and creating.  Anyone in a pyramid scheme is about quick cash.  I have never heard of a pyramid scheme that was sustainable over 30 years.

Herbalife recently commissioned a survey that found that 90% of the people who buy Herbalife products are not distributors (people in the business), they are just people that want the products Herbalife offers.

Daniel Loeb, the founder of Third Point LLC, another hedge fund went against Ackman and has apparently made an estimated $108 million profit so far with his long position (betting that stock will go up) according to the New York Post.

Loeb said that he does not believe that Ackman’s pyramid scheme claim has any merit.  In a letter to investors he wrote:

“The short thesis rests on the notion that the FTC has been asleep at the switch, missed a massive fraud for three decades and will shortly awaken (at the behest of a hedge fund short seller) to shut down the company. We find this to be preposterous.”

Well said, Mr. Loeb. Well said.

Celebrate a New Attitude

Each day is a new day, but somehow as the New Year rolls around, we decide to improve ourselves.  Perhaps we want to lose weight, be better organized or spend more quality time with family.  Then something happens, we actually have to DO those things.  Our early morning workout plan is hard to do when we can’t get out of bed.  We look around the office and don’t know where to start and while quality time with family sounds great; it is just hard to find the time.    We might do great for 30 days, but what about 60 or 90?

In the mlm and party plan business those 30, 60 and 90 days are just as crucial as they are to someone committing to a new year’s resolution.  How do you get someone to stick to it?  Here are a few easy rules for sticking to a new business OR resolution.

Find a Friend

If you can find someone to stick with you, you have a much higher percentage than going it alone.  In business a mentor that has walked in your shoes offers a great amount of support and encouragement.

Follow a Plan

Many companies offer plans to follow.  These are offered for your good!  Use them!  So many of us think we know better.  Have you ever tried to put something together without the manual?  You may have done it, but you probably would have done it better with it.  Read it, use it and let it help you!!

If You Fall, Get Back Up

It is easy to say things are too hard and walk away.  Winners stick with it.  They fail, they learn and then they try again.  Just because you failed to make calls one day or ate too many cookies doesn’t mean that you can’t change your pattern tomorrow.  Don’t believe your self-doubt self.  You can do it.


Take the challenge, you can do it!  Start and then start again.