Take time to build a relationship

I ran in Target on my lunch hour and as I was leaving a lady in the parking lot yelled at me, “Hey!!! Hey!!!”  I turned and looked and did not see anyone I knew so I kept going.  Again, the lady yelled, “Hey!  Hey!!! Excuuuuuse me!?!!”  I turned and looked again and indeed, this lady I did not know was yelling at me.  What she did next shocked me.  But first, let’s establish the setting….Target parking lot, lunch hour, I was pushing a buggy to my car, she was a full row across the street about 6 cars down yelling to me.

So, after I looked at her the second time and was convinced she was talking to me, she held up a Mary Kay book and said, “Mary Kay, you need any Mary Kay?”  I responded, “No thanks, I am good” (while continuing to rapidly increase the number of cars between us.)  “You don’t?” she said, “Alright.”

Accosting someone in a parking lot is not a good sales tactic.  This should be apparent right?!?  But, if it was apparent, then this would not have happened to me.  These kinds of desperation tactics explain why people hate the industry.

This is a good industry with great products.  Direct selling is a great sales mechanism.  Desperation is not good in any business.  If you feel like you are at the end of your rope, please don’t go parking lot shopping.  Talk to your mentor; find out how to increase your circle of influence.  Read up on the DSA 411 website or participate in the DSWA training programs.  There is a lot of good knowledge out there and none of it says yell at people in a parking lot.

A final note, this lady was beautiful and her make-up was done perfectly.  She was a beautiful example of how well the products work; it was her sales tactics that were ugly.

If you are inexperienced or just at the end of your rope, take the advice I am freely offering.  You and your potential customers will be glad you did.

Break through Boredom and Lead!

Even the best self-starter can lose focus, coast and become bored.  We are getting things done but it has become mundane.  Even when we are still producing good results we can be experiencing boredom.  So what can we do to get out of this rut?

Work Like You are Being Watched

Some of us work out of our home.  It is very easy to coast at home.  Others of us have a manager that trusts us to get our work done.  While we may be performing what is asked of us, how can we do more, become more and produce more??  Is there a way that we can innovate and create more efficiency?  If we knew our job depended on producing more faster, what would we change?  Make the change and make it happen.

Use technology tools

There are all kinds of technology performance tools that can motivate you.  A whole segment of the market has been devoted to this.  Some are as simple as using a timer and breaking your work into timed episodes while others involve intense meters and logging.

Surround yourself with people who inspire you

Nothing is more motivating than hearing from someone who inspires you.  Whether the person is a friend or a famous speaker, take the time to listen.  Their words can cause you to be more creative and achieve more.

Breaking through the boredom barrier has to be done if you are going to be successful.  Other people will leave you in the dust and reach the top first if you remain apathetic and satisfied with the status quo.  Don’t be left behind, LEAD!!

As a child in the church youth group, we used to play a game called Caterpillar.  Everyone would line up with their hands on the shoulder of the person in front of them.  The leader would then run like crazy, twisting and turning, trying to get people to let go.  Some great leadership lessons can be learned from that game.

Stay Close to Your Leader

The closer you are to the leader, the better you are able to anticipate their next move and stay with them.  The first five people holding on to the leader rarely got thrown off.  They were able to stay connected.

Communication is Key

If you are the leader and are planning to make any change, communication is what will save your team.  If you were leading the caterpillar game and shouted, turning left, everyone would be able to follow you.  If you make quick turns in policy or procedure and don’t tell anyone, don’t be surprised if you find them on the floor.

Pay Attention to Who You Follow

Sometimes when I was playing the game, I would be behind someone who would just let go. They were not committed to the goal.  If the person leading you is not committed, they will let you fall.  Sometimes in the party plan, mlm or direct selling world, we might get someone who has pulled us into the business but is not leading us.  If that is the case, find out who their sponsor is.  Move up the chain until you find a leader that helps you stay connected.

Keeping everyone connected is the goal of any healthy organization.  It is also a challenge for all healthy organizations.  Healthy organizations are growing and must constantly keep in mind that the chain behind them is getting longer.  This requires an increased commitment to leadership communication and encouraging their team to listen and follow the right person.