ByDesign Loves It When Their Clients Are Growing

I am super excited!! I was just going over some of our internal reports and am so thrilled with the success that some of our clients are having. At the current sales rate, we have many clients that are having record-breaking years!

We also have a good number of clients that have been on our system for years that are experiencing sudden growth. It is amazing to me to see how little things make a big difference in a company. Sometimes it is a tweak to a comp plan, sometimes it is just being patient and building your business slowly and steadily.

I am going to be putting calls in to all these that are experiencing such great growth and see what insights I can gain and share with you.

In the meantime, what can you tweak to make a better you??


The butterfly can fly

One of my boys is brilliant but struggles with reading. I have been working with him on an advanced phonics intervention. It is so hard for him and me. As parents, we don’t like seeing our children struggle, but when life is easy, there is no growth, no self realization, no pride in discovery and no personal accomplishment.

When he is sitting there with the tears running down his face, all I want to do is bundle him up and protect him from this cruel world that says he has to learn “their” way. But I am reminded of the caterpillar that turns into a butterfly. If the butterfly starts to come out of the cocoon and we help it by removing the casing, it won’t develop strength in its wings and therefore will never be able to fly. It has to push its way out of the cocoon by itself. In doing so all the fluid in its body goes into the wings and they become strong.

So, I gently take my son’s head in my hands, wipe his tears and tell him I know it is hard. Life is hard but we will keep working and one day he will fly!

What challenges are you afraid to face? It may be hard but in the end you will be a much stronger person.

Be a thermostat not a thermometer!

I heard that phrase on a local radio station and thought it was great! I thought for a little while about which one I was. Hopefully it is a thermostat but I do know I have my thermometer moments.

Do you just go along with things? If the people around you get angry do you get angry? If the people around you are happy does this make you happy or are you the one controlling the temperatures of those who surround you? Do you have a quiet resolve when the boss is hopping mad or your co-workers are complaining about rising insurance costs? Do you help others smile by adding in jokes or offering consolation when things are tough?

It is so easy to be blown around like a leaf in a sandstorm by the actions and attitudes of those who surround us. Commit today to being a thermostat, not just a thermometer!! Be the one who makes things better! You will be happier and so will those around you.

One of the great things about my job is I get to come in contact with all kinds of motivational and inspirational people. One of our clients, Ava Anderson is up for Entrepreneur of the Year for 2011. Ava Anderson Non Toxic cosmetics was started by Ava and her Mom, Kim. Ava was a teenager (13) when she heard a report in 2008 about the toxins and carcinogens that are in personal healthcare products and wanted to find a better way to make the world a safer place. With her family’s support she created her own line of cosmetics with her name on it. Their goal was to provide quality cosmetics that are good for the body and the environment. Through their home parties, Ava Anderson services an ever-expanding group of people who love their products while providing the opportunity to own your own business.

Ava saw a need and with her family’s support was able to do something to help change the world. This is the kind of boldness I think we should all face the world with. Ava is truly an amazing young lady.

We want to ask that you offer your support for her and the direct selling industry by voting for Ava Anderson Non Toxic for Entreprenuer of the Year! Take time to watch her video (link below) and cast your vote, it only takes a few minutes and really validates all the hard work this young lady has put into Ava Anderson Non Toxic Cosmetics.

Ava Anderson Entrepreneur of the Year

I would love to hear your stories about how you have changed the world! Seeing other people do it, challenges us all to be better!!