I grew up in Plant City , Florida and there are a lot of one way streets. (It is not quite as bad as the photo!!) I will admit I have gone the wrong way on a one way street. It is quite scary, especially when you are clueless that you are going the wrong way. You make a turn and all of a sudden, people are honking and yelling and pointing. Then you realize you are going the wrong way!!! So what do you do? You get off the road as fast as you can and then you head the right way. (after a few deep breaths!)

If that is such an easy decision then why is it so hard for us to change direction when we have life issues? I believe there are several reasons:

1. You have no clue you are going the wrong way
2. No one tells you that you are going the wrong way
3. You are so tied to your endpoint that you ignore the signs
4. You freeze up and are afraid to move
5. You don’t realize that you are going to crash if you don’t stop going that way

This blog could go on forever with me expounding on each of those points, but for time’s sake, let’s just say, one of these applies to you today. What do you do? Our personalities play a large part in how we handle crisis situations. Once you recognize you are in trouble, some of us make a quick u-turn and get headed the right way, others of us, paralyzed by the fear of the mistakes we have made in the past or the failures we are afraid of for our future are unable to do anything…

If you find yourself on the road going in the wrong direction, you have to get off. Sometimes our fear keeps us in a place we are unhappy. Everyone around us has told us to get off the road but we just can’t. We feel that even though we are going the wrong way at least we can see what is in front of us…unfortunately that Mack truck we are going to hit is not as forgiving as a happy future moving in the right direction. Don’t be afraid to turn around. Don’t be afraid of what people are going to say or think or do! Deep down inside you know what you should be doing.

Do it! Live your best life! You only have one shot here on the Earth, make it count!!

Have you ever thought you have done something that was admirable. I mean, you took initiative, you planned it out, you executed it and then the person who was supposed to be impressed wasn’t??? Stinks doesn’t it? You are disappointed, you feel like you wasted your time, you wonder why you even tried and then you make a very important decision…dramatic pause…you decide what is going to happen next time.
Some of us say, “Well, I will never do that again!!” (and we don’t). Others of us mope about it for awhile until we make the other person (who was supposed to be impressed) feel so bad that they finally lie and admit they like it. Others of us brush it off, forget about it and move on and a few of us might actually try to figure out why….
I believe why is the key to the world, just ask a two year old!! Why do I think that??  I believe it is in the why that we find our answers. The reason we act the way we do, what our boss, our spouse, our friends really want from us. Some of us are so eager to please that we just run off and do without ever thinking about why we are doing what we are doing.
Today as you are going through your day, look at your tasks and ask why. Why am I writing this blog? I wanted to reach out to my staff, my clients, my friends and let them know me better and encourage them as well.
Asking why should also be a self assessment question first. I have worked with several people who question everything and at some point I just want to scream out “stop questioning me just go and do what I asked!” (I haven’t screamed at anyone yet btw)
Some of us innately ask why and we need to always ask that question to ourselves first. Why did the boss ask me to do this? See if you can figure it out. If you cannot, then by all means ask. As a leader, I know that I want my people to understand the purpose of what they are doing and I want to share with them that purpose.
Begin to understand the why and you have one of the keys to success.


The ever-present fear of the first blog post is upon me, will it be motivational enough? Sassy enough, interesting enough? Will it be enough?
I think being enough is something all of us question in life. I play many different roles in my life from business owner to the Mom who cleans the “what is that!?!” off the floor. But through it all I have learned that I have a great passion for developing others. I love to see people discover the potential they have inside of themselves and become more than they ever thought possible. Each person is so special and unique. I have the great opportunity to come in contact with a large span of people, from those who financially have very little to multi-millionaires. I look forward to sharing with you some of the lessons I have learned along the way.
I chose the title SerenaByDesign for several reasons. Our company is called ByDesign Technologies and it has a huge influence in my life and I will be talking about it in my blog. Secondly, each of us are designed for success, we are each individuals destined for greatness, I am the only me in the world. You are the only you. So I am Serena, by design…the one and only!
It is going to be a lot of fun! I look forward to your thoughts and comments and I hope that you will find that your time spent reading my blog will be more than enough to get you thinking!!!