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Well, I am ashamed to say that life has gotten the best of me.  I have not posted to this blog since October.  That is not necessarily a bad thing.  Lots of good things have been happening, I just haven’t taken the time to write them here.  But today I came across something so good that I felt I had to share.  It was on personal responsibility. Kody Bateman, the president of Send Out Cards wrote a great blog. Personal Responsibility, it spoke to me.  So many times in life we blame others when things don’t go our way.  Surely …

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20 Things Your Software Company Wishes You Knew


Within the MLM and Party Plan business, your software plays an integral part.  It keeps track of almost everything you need to do.  It keeps track of your product, your individual business owners, your commissions and your reports plus a lot more.  With so much of your business tied to your software, it is understandable why you can get frustrated.  Here are some tips that can help your business and relationship grow. Treat your software vendor like an extension of your business, not a necessary evil Embrace us as Subject Matter Experts.  If we tell you something you are doing …

ByDesign’s Worldwide Hunger Hackathon 2013

Some of our Utah team serving food
Tampa Team
Singapore Team
Tampa Bay ByDesign Group

August 17, 2013 was a special day in the life of ByDesign Technologies.  It was our first Worldwide Hunger Hackathon.  What is a Hackathon you ask?  A Hackathon is a time when software developers, project managers and designers collaborate to solve a unique software problem.  The problem we focused on this day was hunger.   All three of our office locations participated to help end hunger in their local communities.  Though it was not intended, our teams were able to actually follow the lifecycle of food as it travels from an individual donation, to sorting and then preparation and service. Using …

Direct Selling Companies Look Forward to Back to School


It is nearing the end of summer here in the US and for the direct selling industry that is an exciting time.  Summer is typically a very low season, especially for small companies.  The Direct Selling Association reports that approximately 86% of the workforce is women.  Some are full-time and some are part-time, but throw in summer, with kids and grandkids out of school and a good amount of that workforce takes off.  This is the challenge of having a company with a flexible workforce.  One of the benefits of being involved in direct selling is that you can choose …